Sleep peacefully in August


It is well known that the increasing summer temperatures can cause sleep problems. In fact, lots of people are suffering from insomnia and severe temperature changes during the night since the heat wave began. Sweating, discomfort, flushing, headache, sudden cold… It seems impossible to rest without a fan or air conditioning. The human body needs about 21 degrees for sleeping peacefully and when this figure is exceeded we are more likely to suffer some sleep disorder. How could we sleep peacefully in August? From Velfont we approached some of the most useful tricks:

  1. Cotton bed clothes, your best choice: mainly light-colored, lightweight cotton allowing your skin to breathe. They are also a good choice for promoting ventilation inside the bed and also in the whole room.
  2. Lights off: this is one of the basic premises to sleep properly, but it is useful also to avoid more heat. In summer the days are longer, and it is better to use of daylight hours and not turn the lights on in the room until needed.
  3. Hydrate yourself before falling asleep: a glass of water before bedtime fights the dehydration overnight.
  4. Turn off electronic devices: gadgets, such as light bulbs, generate heat when they are turned on. To reduce and, to save energy, it is also advisable to unplug chargers and plugs.
  5. Wear wet socks on the feet since in this part of the body are a lot pulse points. With wet socks on the feet, we will make the body temperature decreases.
  6. How to use the air conditioning? Sleeping below a constant hit of air is not recommended for our health as it can lead to serious colds and sore throats. However, if you have air conditioning in another room we can leave it on with room doors also open. The air will not hit us directly but circulate around the area.

High temperatures in summer can affect us very negatively, especially if they affect the quality of our sleep. From Velfont we want to remind the importance of a good climate and the importance to get the adequate rest products (such as those included in our THERMO-regulatory line, for example) to take care of our health.