Sleep leads us to recover forgotten memories

beneficios de dormir en pareja velfont

Sleep is one of the most studied and analyzed human activities over the years. Great scholars and philosophers, such as Sigmund Freud, have been seduced by the concerns and mysteries of the sleep, when our mind is active but we do not control it. And the brain, when resting, is a nest of surprises. The relationship between sleep and memory seems to be one of the most analyzed and studied areas and, since the 20s, it was discovered that the sleep had a great connection with the memory. Past several decades, today this relationship is actually documented and assumed. Sleep helps us to remember, but also to recover memories that we thought they were forgotten.

It has been noted by an article in Cortex, an international journal focused on the study of cognition and the relationship between the nervous system and mental processes. Now we know that the faster we sleep, the better we will retain in head everything we just learned. But we know as well that we can recover memories of our own memory. As the article says, the declarative memory works better.

Nicolas Dumay, professor of psychology at the University Exeter (UK), was the responsible of the study and told the newspaper El Mundo that the declarative memory is “the memory that stores information and its meaning, also memories of autobiographical episodes.

After evaluating the attitude of 72 people and make them a test, it was concluded that sleep allows remember concepts and situations that come to mind while we are awake. “Sleep helps to restore information that we did not have access before, because those memories were initially too weak or unstable,” said Dumay in a recent article in El Mundo. According to him, the key is in the hippocampus, the main trigger of this phenomenon.

The knowledge and the research in the field of sleep is evolving every day. The power of the mind while resting is a great attraction for many analysts. Thanks to their methods, we now know many aspects of our brain that previously were unknown. Furthermore, the results obtained lead us to the same conclusion: the importance of rest is unquestionable. No matter the reasons, but our state of physical, mental and emotional health depends on a correct daily sleep.