How often you should change the sheets?


Your rest equipment, like any other home item, must be renewed periodically. The mattresses, pillows, duvets, bed bases… Every item depending on how much do we use them. With the bedding is exactly the same but requires more frequent changes. One of the most precious pleasures after a tiring day, especially in hot weather and humidity, is to get home, have a shower and then lie down on clean, fresh and soft sheets. Hygiene is fundamental to keep our place comfortable. How often should we change the sheets?

Each home has its own rules. Depending on hygiene and cleaning routines, how often we change the sheets will vary. However, experts recommend replacing dirty sheets for clean sheets at least once a week, and more often in the summer. So, we avoid waste particles or bacteria harmful to our health that can be embedded in our sheets. In these hot summer months, those who sweat they should change the bedding more often. Sleep in optimal conditions of hygiene and cleanliness also ensures a healthy rest.

It is not easy to say but our sheets are a nest of bacteria. We spent about a third of our days lying in bed, so some body fluids, hair and dead skin are embedded in the fabric. Thus, it creates a perfect environment for bacteria, mites and other parasites that could cause allergic reactions and even aggravate asthma or rhinitis. This is one of the most important reasons when we talk about changing the sheets once a week.

However, in addition to wash bed clothes often, we also must get the sheets, pillows, duvets, mattress protectors and other products that suit our particular needs. In Velfont we have four types of fitted sheets, all made from the finest materials and innovating technologies:

  • Fully fitted knitted bed sheet: knitted fabric made from 100% high quality and absorbing cotton.
  • Anti-dustmite fully fitted bed sheet: with Acarsan® anti-dustmite treatment, scientifically tested.
  • Bamboo Bed Sheet: Bamboo fabric made from natural fabric with antibacterial properties.
  • Respira Bed Sheet: waterproof and breathable, protects the mattress from liquids and allows perspiration.