How can we do to make the baby sleep through the whole night?


The fact that they are babies does not mean they do not notice the heat and humidity when they sleep. Nowadays, and in times of high temperatures, about a quarter of children younger than five have sleep problems. Refusing to go to bed or waking up frequently at night are increasingly common practices, and sometimes they come together.

If your baby is constantly awake at night, his sleep patterns and your own ones will be severely affected. And in summer, when the heat arrives, we cannot afford another negative factor that harms our sleep. What can we do to make the baby sleep through the night?

  1. Setting up a schedule with funny and energetic activities during the day and quite or relaxing activities during the night helping your child to set his own biological clock and learn to differentiate between both times.
  2. It is necessary that you give your baby the chance to fall asleep on his own. Stroke or balance the child on the chair to make him sleep can lead to dependence and, therefore, the baby will not learn to sleep without being accompanied.
  3. You must establish a fixed routine before putting the child on the bed. It is desirable that the activities are short and quite like having a bath, change diaper, tell a story or sing a song. This routine should not last more than 45 minutes.
  4. Check the diaper, not cover to much the baby in bed or maintaining the room temperature above 20 ° C.
  5. If the parents notice that the child tends to fall asleep a half an hour or an hour later than what you think should be the adequate time then the child may suffer something that experts call a “phase lag”: they go to bed before they feel tired. In these cases it is advisable to wait for signs of sleep.
  6. When they are two years old most babies begin a phase of development characterized by self-confirmation and therefore negativity about what comes from outside. You just need to say something and the child will do the opposite, his favorite word is “no”. The solution is to check them carefully so they decide by themselves to go to sleep.

If you want to instill a good sleep habits to your children, following the above tips will help you both in cold weather and in hot weather. From Velfont we look after the rest of the children.