How to avoid heat at night?

Temperature changes

Due to the variations in temperature and humidity that our body experiences at night, sleep is interrupted and disturbed, causing a feeling of discomfort and poor sleep. Velfont's range of Thermoregulators is able to reduce these temperature changes by absorbing excess heat in the body.

Technology developed for NASA

Outlast® technology was originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from extreme temperature changes during space travel.

Now Velfont applies this technology to create a complete and exclusive range of intelligent bedding products, capable of self-regulating tempertatures during sleep.

An effective system against temperature changes at night

Sleeping in summer is an impossible mission for many people. Excessive temperatures hinders rest and this is a problem that will get worse over time. According to experts forecasts, the average temperature will increase by 2 to 5 degrees over the next 70 years. With Velfont Thermoregulator range of products you can rest even during summers with intense heat.

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How does Velfont Thermoregulator fabric work?

This technology is applied to the Thermoregulator articles by means of microcapsules called Thermocules®, which absorb excess body heat through contact.

Heat is distributed over the entire surface of the fabric and stored. When the body temperature drops at night and is cooler than that of the tissue, the stored heat is realeased.

The process is repeated at night, creating a microclimate adapted to the resting needs, which is neither too cold nor too hot.

About the Thermoregulator range of products

Velfont has been the first brand in Spain to market Thermoregulator fabrics using the Outlast® technology, which is the European market leader that developed this type of material from smart fabric originally created by NASA.

The Velfont Thermoregulator range incorporates an exclusive 100% cotton fabric that, in addition to this technology, also gaurantees a natural fabric with the characteristics and properties of freshness, absorption, and breathability of Velfont.

Thanks to this unique range of products in the market, Velfont´s Thermoregulator positions itself in the market as a natural brand with the most advanced technology for sleeping.


Fresh feeling

Reduces temperature
variations, creating a
constant microclimate.

Less sweat

Lowers body overheating
which causes less
perspiration at night.

Quality of rest

Improves quality of rest.

Outlast technology

Developed by NASA to control temperature changes in space.


Velfont applies Outlast® technology to cotton achieving a unique product, natural, and technological.

Smart fabric

Reacts to body temperature providing an individualized comfort zone for each user.


At night, our body is subjected to continuous temperature fluctuations caused by the different sleep cycles that take place. These temperature changes help the body to get complete rest. But, what happens when we sleep in an environment with extreme temperatures? Problems with rest appear.


Velfont’s Thermoregulator range features Outlast® technology that managest to reduce temperature changes by absorbing excess heat when the body needs it. The result is a deeper, more efficient rest of better quality.

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