How to eliminate dustmites?

What are dustmites?

Dustmites are imperceptible microscopic organisms to the human eye that mainly live in warm (25ºC/30ºC) and humid (60%-80 %) habitats. Since they feed off our dead skin and other wastes from the body, mattresses become the perfect home for them.

How do dustmites affect people?

Dustmite particles, especially feces, are suspended in the air. When inhaling these substances, allergy symptoms such as asthma, rhinitis, conjunctivitis and eczema occur.

Allergy symptoms experienced by people with mite allergy are, mainly, inflammation of the bronchial mucosa, itching and difficulty breathing.

An effective system to combate dust and mite allergy

Mite allergies is, to this day, one of the most widespread allergies. According to the Spanish Society of Clinical Immunology, Allergology and Paediatric Asthma (SEICAP) between 70 and 80% of children living in coastal areas have mite allergies.

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What can be done to avoid dust and dustmite allergies?

Using anti-dustmite bedding products. With anti dustmite covers to protect the mattress, pillows and anti dustmite duvets. Make sure they are made of breathable material, are approved and have their anti-allergenic effects tested by independent laboratories.

Clean your bedding regularly. At least once a week, you should wash your bedding at 60°C to remove dustmites. These microorganizms dissolve in the water. Regular washing at low temperatures will temporarily remove the allergen. However, mites will survive and produce more allergens over time. Only Velfont's Natural Acarsan product range eliminates mites and allows washing at 40°C.

lean the room regularly and avoid humidity. If possible, remove carpets, rugs and thick curtains. Ventilate the bedroom properly and avoid humidity.

About Natural Acarsan® range of products

All the products in Velfont’s Natural Acarsan® range have a natural anti-dustmite treatment that allows allergy sufferers to have a comfortable and refreshing rest. The anti-dustmite treatment, tested by independent laboratories, is made with fibres and fabrics with vegetable extracts of Margosa and Geraniol.

The Geraniol comes from the geranium. The oil from this plant serves as a natural active ingredient with dermatological properties and cell regeneration capacity.

These are the Natural Acarsan® Velfont® range anti dustmite products: anti dust mite covers for mattresses and anti dust mite pillow covers, anti dust mite mattress protectors and quilted pads, anti dustmite pillows and duvets.



Natural Acarsan treatment works directly against dustmites.

100% Natural

No pesticides or chemical additives. Made with vegetable extracts of Margosa and Gerianol.

Scientifically tested

Endorsed by SEAIC and scientifically tested by independent laboratories.

Waterproof and breathable

Repels humidity and ensures proper ventilation.

Washing resistant after several washes

Mantains its anti-dustmite properties after several washes.


The Natural Acarsan® range of products is 95% biodegradable


  • Bedding is, for dustmites, their best habitat due to the humid and warm environments.
  • Chemical treatments can damage your skin and your baby’s skin.
  • Most treatments lose its efectiveness after washing.

How do we solve it?

  • Velfont Natural Acarsan® range of products protects your bed by removing dust mites.
  • Velfont Natural Acarsan® range of products is made of vegetable extracts and is 95% biodegradable
  • Velfont Natural Acarsan® range of products is scientifically tested and its treatment makes it wash resistant.

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